Arabian Oud Solid

Arabian Oud Solid Eau de Parfum 75 ml

Arabian Oud Solid

Eau de Parfum 75 ml
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Unique wave of vanilla in conjunction with a fruity touch, this is a luxury fragrance Solid from Arabian Oud, which will attract you even a very special, silver wrapping bottle.

Smooth, deep velvety sweet vanilla shows its magic in various keys, which blend with an amazingly perched apricot, which gives out its opulent ripeness and a slightly implied echo from a bitter stone. The gentle purity of musk in conjunction with the sweet oud oil has a sensual, breathtaking way.

It is a gourmet feast in which a honey bath with a hippopotamus mustard will be added to complement this delicate, yet very intense aroma.

Wrap yourself in the cobweb lace stroking scarf that Solid will bring you.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Solid is - just solid. Packing ... Yeah, so I enjoyed it. I expected "something" interesting. You got me anyway. Solid Solid. Thank you for the shipment. And for the gift. I am impressed by the immediate reaction of your company to the customer's wishes. (05/05/2015 - Zoja S.)
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I have to add that I fell in love, it was love for the first smell ..... love that knows no bounds, perhaps just drown in vanilla, in a beautiful heady cloud, soar, fly and dream that only SOLID I have to have. (Oct 24, 2014 - Jana S.)
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Solid - lost but unforgettable Dareen !!! As I missed, I no longer have a drop, just the golden flacon decorates the shelf. :-) So that's something !! Now I unpacked it at work and squirmed sacred - yoooooo. This is what she can really do in Arabia, beautiful vanilla - both sweet and dusty. It is very nicely assembled and flacon as a "flask" adds a special touch :-) Just a combination of Soft, Amaal, Taj Al Arab and now in the lead role Solid - the piece was really successful (September 18, 2014 - Jana K.)
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