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General Reviews

Hallo. Habe gerade meine Bestellung gemacht. Danke für alles und das wird nicht meine letzte gewesen sein. Habe Sie schon mehrfach weiter empfohlen. Grüße (29.4.2019 - Carsten, Germany)
Hi Anabis, I have just received my parcel on 1/3/19. Got everything as ordered. Thank you for the free gifts, especially the Ard Al Zafaran Hareem Al Sultan perfume. I would definitely recommend to my friends in Singapore. Yours sincerely, (2.3.2019 - Rafiean, Singapore)
Dear Jan and Lenka, thank you for providing quite a big range of samples of the Arabian perfumes. It's not that easy to find them in Europe. And with Arabian perfumes it is always god to try first:-) So I'm still in the process of testing different ones. Some I like, some not. But I really appreciate that you give this possibility for those who want to get a taste of Arabian world's perfumery. Wishing you all the best (19.2.2019 - Lana, Netherlands)
Hi Jan, The shipment arrived today. Great fragrances. Thanks for shipping so promptly. Merry Christmas (21.12.2018 - Todd, Texas USA)
I just picked up my order. I love the free gifts more than the ones I paid for. Thank you very much. (31.8.2018 - Utibe, Calabar, Nigeria)
Dear Jan & Lenka, I just wanted to let you know my parcel arrived today! I am very relieved as I was getting a bit worried about it. The packaging is excellent & thank you for the extra samples - I haven't opened them yet but from the outside they smell amazing. Thank you very much & I hope you have a great week. Best Wishes, :) (25.6.2018 - Adelle, Clayfield, Australia)
Thank you so much. I love the fragrance samples. And will order more today. Warm regards, (23.6.2018 - Isaac, California USA)
Hello, I received my order today everything smells so good I love them all, and thank you for the free samples,I will definitely be ordering again (21.6.2018 - Angela Maryland USA)
I am writing to let you know that my order arrived and i am very pleased with your prompt service delivery. Thank you for the free samples, my wife loved the Afnan Ornament pour femme!! I will be ordering more in the nearest future. (21.3.2018 - Cassian - Ukraine)
buenos dias. hemos recibido hoy ... todo correcto ... muy agradecidos ..... esperamos volver pronto. saludos (26.10.2017 - Juan - Aldaia, Spain)
Good afternoon from Brisbane. Hi Jan, Thank you very much. I received my order today. They are - Nisayem Al Oud, Hawaas, Anmar, Oud Waleeja - indeed a delight to the nose and senses. (6.10.2017 - M Rashid - Brisbane, Australia)
This is my second order - frist one was perfect! thank you very much!! all the best (2.10.2017 - Aly, Vienna)
I think it would be highly remiss of me not to comment on my buying experience from A friend sprayed a bit of Royal Musk by Surrati on me and I was hooked. I looked online and found stocking this item. With a little bit of trepidation (an online Czeck based company seemed a bit too far and too removed from a seller stocking quality Arabian perfumes) I ordered the Royal Musk alongside two other perfumes. The shipping cost seemed a bit high so I contacted Anabis and they honestly and quickly responded with a cheaper way to have the items shipped. The items were shipped on July 25 and I received them on August 8. This is remarkable and very quick in itself. The perfumes are all a delight to the senses. I will highly recommend to anyone looking for quality perfumes (attar concentrate or sprays) to buy from this seller. They have an amazing collection of top perfumers and this means that those who know their perfume get a one-stop shopping experience for quality products at reasonable prices. I know I will be a loyal customer insha'allah. I can't thank Anabis and its staff for their professional and efficient service. From the bottom of my heart thank you. (12.8.2017 - M Rashid - Brisbane, Australia)
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll get my order today. I am very happy!!! Everything was great!!! I'm very grateful! Many Thanks! Best regards (31.5.2017 - Marina, Germany)
Dear Madam, With this I would like to inform you that the item ordered reached my office today. I am looking foward to dealing with you in future. Thank you very much. Regards (15.3.2017 - Idrus, Malaysia)
I have received my order. I am impressed about the speed my order was delivered with absolutely no problems. Well done (25.1.2017 - Ernest, Switzerland)
Received my order. Thank You so much. I really appreciate how accommodating you have been!!! (23.11.2016 - Andrew USA)
Hello, Just to let you know that the fragrances arrived at my home in Melbourne Australia this morning. Thank you for the care taken in packaging. Thank you also for the gifts and samples and personal note. Much Appreciated! Kind regards, (23.8.2016 - Graeme, Australia)
This will be my first order of any full size cologne - Shadow for men - from Anabis. If it matches the exact scent of the sample I received, I will be highly pleased. I have been very pleased with the samples that I ordered. I like several of them and I hope to order them in the future. I also liked - Extract Vetiver, In2ition Silver, and Supremacy Silver. I appreciate being able to buy these perfumes and getting the high quality. If this purchase is the same as what I have received in my sample, I am looking forward to buying all of these products. thank you. (12.5.2016 - Bobby USA)
I do Really love Doing business with you. I do not know when I will make my Next order but of course I will. Your Customer Service Is the top.Plus your Products & Shipping are the Best. Best Regards, (30.4.2016 - Mohamed USA)
Thanks for the extra Shadow sample. it was a great one. I also appreciate your promptness delivering my order. I can order from you under these terms. thanks!!! (29.4.2016 - Bobby USA)