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Al Hajar Al Aswad
Good evening, so today I picked up Al Hajar Al Aswad ... I'm excited. A truly beautiful scent. Pure smell I love .... though yours are amazing maybe all ... (21.6.2017 - Kateřina M.)
Once again, I greet Anabis, and I would make a little bit of my assessment of the Kulsum scent, which will make the witnesses happy. At the first test, my memory flashed over Rawan in cpo and Qatar al Nada and Rane in edg from Asgharali. All three fragrances are unfortunately nowadays past due to lack of special sandalwood. But after a few minutes, the situation is greatly changing, and the bitter-sweet tobacco comes to the floor instead of the carnation, which played the first violin in the aforementioned scents. After another moment honey is added with vanilla pod and suddenly the roses run out, very gently. The recalled sandal holds firmly on its position, and Rawan is back again with Qatar al Nada, so memories of sandalwood fragrances of this type can be remembered and even enjoyed. Beautiful day and looking forward to a package from you (20.6.2017 - Sylva F.)
Oud Remad
Hello Leni, who can not sleep at all, is OUD REMAD from Pheromone Perfumes - they had to add something magical here that she caught me so heart. It reminds me of the seemingly "normal" oil, but she is so stunning, with a rose, with a delicate roaring oak and apricot, that she is absolutely irresistible. It's hot too cold. Vedro does, of course, his own. Yesterday, I was looking for one pilgrimage church in the Mountains of Andel, which is on the hill and at first walking steeply uphill, Oud Remad warming up and showing up in even more beautiful beauty after mixing with the great exertion of my body. (20.6.2017 - Sylva F.)
When I tried Kulsum, my thoughts faded over Rawan - once in a position from Asgharali, which is no longer Ranee in edp, he is not, because he is not in the special sandal. But after a while it's different, instead of a pink carrot there's tobacco - at least I feel it. Santal of Rawan or Ranee is there. Beautiful fragrance, maybe I'll end up in Policka, but I'm pretty "starved" after a long pause, so I'm still going to discover it. (20.6.2017 - Sylva F.)
Anfas Al Bakhoor
Anfas al Bakhoor is also a very good smell of incense smoldering everywhere in DBX with roses, it also has tobacco, oak is harder, or it works with vetiver and is very, very good. Like a dear scent. I wish you a beautiful day and thank you (20.6.2017 - Sylva F.)
Louis Cardin Gold CPO
Hello to Anabis, I do not want to share with the fragrances that eventually ended in my perfume Policeman. I took Louis Cardin Gold in a 7 ml bottle in a gold purse flask with a tiny gray applicator ball, which made me smother. And not just me. Because I went with her right now for a concert, where I met a friend of the painter (83 years old) and she was also enchanted, and instead of greeting she called me: "wow - that's a beautiful scent, here, please, order me now." And so I ordered the third time. - one LCG oil for the painter and one, the third one for me - sysla - in stock. The second package I took after the first LCG test in the cpo, when I enjoyed the rest of the "set" EDP + Body Spray. A body spray because its consistency is totally non-frosted, no artifacts like in Europe, but smooth and very pleasing consistency for the skin. How does Louis Cardin Gold smell? Magnificently, its typically Arabic ingredients - rose, sandalwood, saffron make sure that the fragrance smells both Arabic and Arabic at the same time. They are poured with grape juice and dusted with a bit of crushed cloves and vanilla. The result is a round, smooth, woody-powdery scent with long stretches and space. The smell of both men and women, regardless of age, is good. (16.6.2017 - Sylva F.)

General Reviews

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll get my order today. I am very happy!!! Everything was great!!! I'm very grateful! Many Thanks! Best regards (31.5.2017 - Marina, Germany)
Dear Madam, With this I would like to inform you that the item ordered reached my office today. I am looking foward to dealing with you in future. Thank you very much. Regards (15.3.2017 - Idrus, Malaysia)
I have received my order. I am impressed about the speed my order was delivered with absolutely no problems. Well done (25.1.2017 - Ernest, Switzerland)
Received my order. Thank You so much. I really appreciate how accommodating you have been!!! (23.11.2016 - Andrew USA)
Hello, Just to let you know that the fragrances arrived at my home in Melbourne Australia this morning. Thank you for the care taken in packaging. Thank you also for the gifts and samples and personal note. Much Appreciated! Kind regards, (23.8.2016 - Graeme, Australia)
This will be my first order of any full size cologne - Shadow for men - from Anabis. If it matches the exact scent of the sample I received, I will be highly pleased. I have been very pleased with the samples that I ordered. I like several of them and I hope to order them in the future. I also liked - Extract Vetiver, In2ition Silver, and Supremacy Silver. I appreciate being able to buy these perfumes and getting the high quality. If this purchase is the same as what I have received in my sample, I am looking forward to buying all of these products. thank you. (12.5.2016 - Bobby USA)