Naseem Daliya Pen Spray

Naseem Daliya Pen Spray Water Perfume 15 ml

Naseem Daliya Pen Spray

Water Perfume 15 ml
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Daliya Pen Spray has the same fragrance composition as the popular Daliya CPO fragrance. Water Perfume - Oil dissolved in alcohol-free water leaves a fine scented layer on the skin. It is ideal for hot weather, when your skin not only smells, but gives it hydration for a very long time. Shake thoroughly before application to the body to join the ingredients together. Apply Water Perfume Daliya to skin or hair, but not to clothing.

Accept the invitation for sweet citrus caress, touches of oriental spices, headed by vanilla and liquorice, which dissolves in the scent of rare resins. The advent of sweetly intoxicating oud oil and rare saffron is supported by the untamed appeal of chocolate. We continue in gourmet tones with plum and lemon grass, which is immersed in a honey bath. The combination of rose and jasmine together with an earthy dry vetiver smooths too much sweetness into the heady woody sensuality of perfume.

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DALIYA PEN SPRAY-oriental beautiful smell, which I have in the oil version, but this package is softer and equally beautiful ... (11/07/2016 - Veronika H.)
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