Khadlaj Tamayaz

Khadlaj Tamayaz Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml

Khadlaj Tamayaz

Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Khadlaj Tamayaz: The Star Output of Chamomile. On hot days, you do not need much for luck, especially refreshment, a lot of refreshments. Arabic perfumes offer it in its comfortable and very specific style. But that's a surprise: Chamomile in the lead role. Healing gentle tea as a caress, as we have it in the consciousness associated with childhood stoning, he is in Tamyaz promoted to the flower. Which means that its aroma has got haut couture adjustments. It's not the same chamomile that makes them feel from a bag of dried flowers. Of course you can recognize him by his typical bitter bitter dryness in the air. But you can hesitate for a minute if it's him, because he got into an unusual company. And it fits very well, even it forms a characteristic outer shell of the scent. Below it is a very sophisticated structure, from which the components that naturally interconnect with chamomile and strengthen it are more pronounced. They are herbs, lavender and mint, softened by the wind mush, so that the scent remains chamomile soft and soft. Less distinct but sensationally beautifying are delicate and uncouth fruits and honey-lime blossom. The aroma is herbs scraping and musk soft, cool and dry. The feeling of cold comes mainly from mint and deepens up to the moss-earthy ground. Tamayaz is very complex and even maintains the aroma of its fullness, and further enhances the herbal character of the multi-layered smell of tobacco, wood and resins. (9.7.2017 - Dzona - Breakfast in perfumery)
Hello ladies, thank you for the beautiful Perfume Bottles, instantly delivered as always. I've tried so far only one - Tamayaz. Beautiful interesting interplay of individual components, I do not like from you. Jewel both content and appearance. All-day battery life, as we used in perfume oils. There are fully paid for little money, a lot of music :-) :-) She has a permanent place on my bookshelf. Greetings from your regular customers (March 10, 2017 - John B.)
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