Syed Junaid Alam Shiyam

Syed Junaid Alam Shiyam Concentrated Perfume Oil 21 ml

Syed Junaid Alam Shiyam

Concentrated Perfume Oil 21 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Close your eyes ... and slowly open the dream and fairy tale box, which features a very luxurious dense glass bottle on a velvet cushion, decorated with gold lace, hiding another of the fragrant gems of the Syed Junaid Alam - Shiyam perfume house.

This sweet concert opens sweetly delicious, ripe fruit topped with juicy pineapple, gourmet strawberry and blueberry.

Gourmet vanilla, which is made special by a drop of honey, from a mysterious and deeply seated amber, enters the fruit tones with a big bang. In earthy tones, we welcome herb-borne patchouli with a drop of soapiness behind the curtain, which is driven by floral reflections, especially the charm of abounding roses.

Rare woody plants reveal in their foreground an extensive cedar, the softness and smoothness of which are saturated with tufts of fluffy musk.

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