Swiss Arabian Casablanca

Swiss Arabian Casablanca Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Swiss Arabian Casablanca

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Belongs to: Gourmet, Fruity, Musky, Powder, Sweet fragrances

Casablanca is a scent full of seduction, a scent full of stories and a scent full of intoxicating sensuality.

The Casablanca perfume delicacy was created by Swiss Arabian perfumers as part of the Mediterranean Collection.

The fragrance seduces with its unpredictability, just like the mysterious Orient. The opening is carried on a crisp tone of ripe apples, accompanied by juicy grapes, with a light whiff of rare woods in the background.

The gourmandly sinful caramel melts directly into an enticingly delicious sweetness that binds you thanks to the honey bed of velvety amber, with touches of irises and gently fluffy clouds of musk.

The conclusion belongs to herbal patchouli, which slightly softens the sweetness of the caramel and gives the fragrance an elegant character.

Casablanca was inspired by a breathtaking city whose legend is eternal and every time you are enveloped in a cloud of fragrance, you become a part of it in imagination and dreams.

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