Surrati Al Ward Al Taifi

Surrati Al Ward Al Taifi Eau de Cologne 250 ml

Surrati Al Ward Al Taifi

Eau de Cologne 250 ml
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Eau de Cologne Sample 1 ml
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Belongs to: Floral, Powder, Fresh fragrances
Composition: Musk, Rose

Cologne water stroke is a novelty from Surrati, which brings a light scent to the whole body, especially after a bath, or whenever you want to experience a fragrant shower - reach for the Eau de Cologne Crystal.

Taif roses in a fragrant composition with musk are a gentle companion not only on hot days. Roses show richly noble keys and wrap you in your powdered velvet.

Cologne perfume bottles are not packed in boxes.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Hello, I tried it for the first time today. Al Ward Al Taifi is very delicate and at the same time a bit sharp. Definitely unusual. Like rose and champagne :-) definitely suitable for hot summer days. (20/07/2020 - Zuzana O.)
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Al Ward Al Taifi, toilet. It's not bad either, but it goes more into rose oil. I miss the juiciness here. It is nice, powdered and definitely nice as a toilet, because it doesn't protrude anywhere. I would say a classic pink water with a nice soft endurance ... (25.06.2020 - Lada M.)
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Greetings to Anabis, thank you for the beautiful fragrances I would like to stop by Surrati Al Ward al Taif - it is a wonderful refreshment and caress of a rose from Taif, I do not feel it powder, but very fresh, maybe with a pinch or a hint of vanilla and Taif Rose Spirit by Quarashi. Al Ward Al Taifi is a perfume gem and I highly recommend to lovers of roses. The eau de cologne has a very good endurance about like the European eau de toilette. (07/07/2019 - Sylva F.)
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Hello I ordered an eau de cologne of SURRATI AL WARD AL TAIFI a few weeks ago. I love it so much. Thanks so much (30.5.2019 - Julie, Switzerland)
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