Smart Collection No. 547

Smart Collection No. 547 Eau de Parfum 15 ml

Smart Collection No. 547

Eau de Parfum 15 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Belongs to: Woody, Spicy fragrances
Composition: Ambra, Cedar wood, Jasmine, Saffron

Smart Collection, is a fragrance line of very popular European perfumes inspired by Paris Corner perfumers.

The initial notes of the fragrance are created from the bitter tones of saffron and its intimately caressing, even metallic echoes, smoothly sweet jasmine and majestic amber.

A soft woody shade is imparted by cedar together with the resinous scent of fir, to which again the honey reflections of velvety amber can be heard.

The perfume Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian was the inspiration for the fragrance Smart Collection No. 547.

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