Arabian Oud Silver Style 9

Arabian Oud Silver Style 9 Eau de Parfum 75 ml

Arabian Oud Silver Style 9

Eau de Parfum 75 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Splendid in flowers and precious woods, breathing elegance, bringing luxury and high quality ingredients, this is the Arabian Oud Silver Style 9.

The opening tones show strawberries with anise and bergamot flood. The perfume is very intense and it is obvious that it is an exclusively folded fragrance that will surprise you with its incredibly long lasting stamina. The connection of jasmine to the iris is pleasantly smooth and chocolate is shown to fill the fullness.

Our story shows us the full arms of vanilla together with sandalwood and musk, which will complete the overall impression of the unique scent.

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Customer Reviews (1)
about Silver Style 9 I was very much thinking about giving it to myself for Christmas :-). Ingredients to my liking. I did not expect something so "echt" European and moreover it is not at all sweet. Dana sees it as a sweet vanilla with strawberries, buttery tuberose and iris ... plentiful with luxury. So I agree with the last one. This fragrance is really a luxury affair. It breathes through her pores. Again, I bet on the use of quality ingredients in precise processing. Paradoxically, this fragrance sounds much better on my clothes than on my skin. At that it is "only" jasmine bomb, shrubs fully blooming all-embracing narcotic jasmine, in the distance I still perceive a slight trace of tuberosis, which is astonishing, it mostly overwhelms everything. Everything fades with a dose of cold powder. I don't see vanilla at all. However, the smell is after all the more interesting and maybe I give her a chance and maybe in the future and mine. Again, it is jasmine, but in a more moderate form, and gives a chance to excel in other ingredients, whether that tuberosis, which can conjure and occasionally creates the illusion of the scent of wild strawberries, as here, or in Prime Collection White, powdered iris and base of sweet wood and a pinch of dry powder vanilla. The fragrance has excellent stamina and an elegant luxury finish. With the elegance of thirties movie stars, ladies in flamboyant robes, smoking cigarettes in ivory tips, emerging from shiny limousines, tossing fur boa ... It's solid and stylish ... in the very essence of those words. My friend called it the smell of ladies from the era and era of the film Hercul Poirot ... and he's right :-). So much for Silver Style 9. (December 29, 2012 - Renée H.)
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