Naseem Zahabia

Naseem Zahabia Concentrated Perfume Oil 25 ml

Naseem Zahabia

Concentrated Perfume Oil 25 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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The opening hug attracts with the spicy scent of black currant, which blends its blue - black shades into fresh citrus, which is dominated by a slightly bitter, juicy grapefruit with a velvety echo, belonging to the queen of flowers - a rose.

The rose gently leaves the fruity tones and, together with the floral heart, plays out a serenade of softness combined with a white flood, directly vibrating with the intoxicating beauty of tuberose and the tenderness of jasmine.

Woody plants with a softly sweet scent of cedar enter the flower cloud, the light melancholy of herb earthy patchouli with soap echoes, into which the fluffy purity of musk dissolves its fluffy purity.

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NASEEM ZAHABIA, wonderful scent. It has everything I've been looking for lately. It is fresh, but at the same time slightly sweet, velvety, mysterious, deep and charming. Simply everything one imagines under the concept of the luxury of Arabic perfume art. Enthusiasm and great satisfaction. Thank you. (May 23, 2022 - Lenka M.)
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