Naseem Mufaddal

Naseem Mufaddal Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml

Naseem Mufaddal

Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Mufaddal is opened by warmly bitter shades of skin, which blends its animality with reflections of oud essential oil. The earthy moss tones of the initial phase of the oud are replaced by its warmly smooth, woody soft embraces, which in combination with the majestic rose create a seductive trail of the Orient.

Herbal soap patchouli will play its chords into the pink velvet inflorescence, to which other chypre tones are added, which will give the vetiver this fragrant concert, showing especially its dry smoky tone.

The final parade presents sensually deep, balsamic tones of rare woody plants with the full scent of the forest.

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