Naseem Jameelah

Naseem Jameelah Concentrated Perfume Oil 24 ml

Naseem Jameelah

Concentrated Perfume Oil 24 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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A playful stacked fruit concert resounds with chords of a delicious orange with a crispy, fresh, green apple. A gourmet banana with juicy grapes turns out to be tempting, and the whole variation merges tone on tone on a lightly swaying sweet wave of magnificently carrying gourmet vanilla.

The introduction of the flower aria is performed by the delicate-sounding orange blossoms and the white-blooming jasmine. Her royal highness will play her score brilliantly - a noble rose accompanied by a successful echo of mimosa.

The scent is full of charming seductive fruit with floral elegance.

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