Al Haramain Maze

Al Haramain Maze Concentrated Perfume Oil 12 ml

Al Haramain Maze

Concentrated Perfume Oil 12 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Let yourself be enticed by a crystal flacon with golden-green reflections that will take you to the maze of dreaming on waves of citrus and woody plants.

Every bit of flare is mysterious and beautiful at the same time, like the ground itself with its different surface, drawing thousands of feet and creases every day.

The beautiful path, interwoven with delicious fruits, leads you further by gently showing floral chords that extend this path to the dizzying heights of a delightfully fragrant fragrance. The royal rose bends slightly to the white-blooming jasmine and invites us to smell again and again.

The fragility of orange flowers combines its beauty with a fluffy musk, which plays a juicy concert of lemons with slightly bitter lime and freshly mown grass.

Rare woods reveal creamy undertones sounding in sandalwood with cedar. It suggests a sweetish tonka with soapy earth patchouli notes that sway in the embrace of the velvet ambergris

Maze delivers a fragrance that is both fresh and mysteriously irritating, hiding in a box full of satin where it just waits for you to turn through the crystal cap.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Maze - The Color of Life… Just lean back gently on the coldness of the ironwork of the iron gate and the dark world of mysterious greenery opens before me. For the last time, my gaze slips over, despite my old age, still a majestic work in its ornamentation, the last time I stroke the rusty asymetry of rococo spirals with my fingertips and realize for a few moments with full intensity the silent passage of ages… sharpened by the closeness of the strange nature of nature that can be perceived by every cell in the body, and with every inhalation comes a greedy desire to embrace it as much as possible. And so I breathe… Maze opens in the lush green tones of wet grass, which are then enriched with spicy woodiness. Initial tones of citrus green freshness are undergoing a transformation, when the whole composition finds itself for a few moments in a distinctly woody spirit balancing to the edge of typically male accents. … The moisture rising from the dense grassland brings up the earthy aroma of wet soil, cool and a bit dark, and while the long blades of grass lie lying under the onslaught of their wet weight, the growing jumble of woods shrinks into moist vapors and satiates with their own breath… . The barely perceptible murmur of small leaves is the answer to the unexpected presence of a cold breeze. Several of them gripped on the sleeve of my dress, I grind them in the palm of my hand, and everything surrounding the fragrance mix is enriched with a particularly pleasant and surprisingly dry breath of teainess. The beautiful heart of Maze is coming slowly and doesn't change much. The sweet woody dryness gently emanating from the skin gently smokes and rises ever higher as a thin strip of smoke, and like him, the fragrance itself conjures up a strange sense of calm. In Maze, there is hidden sadness over the end of summer and at the same time the joy that is inspired by the images of the coming beauty of autumn color variations… The beauty of maturity. (02/09/2012 - Dalia)
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Very distinctive and sharp mixture of fresh citrus and especially their mixed peel. In addition, kiwi and a little blackcurrant supplemented with cut grass. Wet greenery. All this is well balanced in the oud, which will allow this "Arab warden" quite decent endurance. The smell is very bitter, no traces of sugar. I would not take it to the frost, it could still cool but on hot days and spring is no mistake, very, very refreshing I liked Shumukh, so I like this too. Flakonek splendor alone, succeeded! (17/07/2012 - Dana N.)
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