Maraam Body Lotion

Maraam Body Lotion Body Lotion

Maraam Body Lotion

Body Lotion
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Oriental fragrance body lotion packed in a practical 30 ml pump pack for very easy application. Body Lotion scents you for a long time and brings a feeling of pleasant hydration. Your skin will be soft, soft and supple.

Perfumed Body Milk is a great addition to Maraam. It opens with a key in a floral flood with a slight chypre tuning. Step on the path of seduction with bitter tones of orange blossoms, which together with patchouli allow jasmine to bind you with its lightly smelled aroma.

Beautiful wave of individual essential oils is impressive with the help of a bergamot and smoothed styrax vetiver. It is quite magical how ylang-ylang works with roses and oak moss.

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