Maison Alhambra Fortnight

Maison Alhambra Fortnight Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Maison Alhambra Fortnight

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Inspired by the absolute European classic of the men's fragrance, Maison Alhambra Fortnight opens with tones of lavender and cedar, accompanied by herbaceous, smooth chamomile, chased with citrus bergamot, juicy tangerine and fresh lemon, to make room for the delicate floral beauty of violets.

The spicy nutmeg leaves a floral bouquet in an instant, from which we breathe the nostalgia of a carnation with jasmine sandal elegance, the glitter of frosted lilies of the valley and a pinkish hue of geranium.

The rough onset of the animal's skin slowly becomes a pleasantly smooth, slightly bitter tone, into which earthy shades of cold vetiver warmed by honey velvet amber, creeping with herbal spicy patchouli and vanilla tonka in the background creep in.

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A friend used to use the European version years ago before almost everyone started using it. Today, the perfume has no staying power or sound. And because I was captivated by the perfumes from your offer, inspired by the famous European perfumes, I ordered Fortnight for a friend and was very curious about his reaction. He was very happy, because again, although the similarity is really striking, they differ in saturation, endurance and that special mystery, underlining the whole fragrance composition, is simply irresistible. A very beautiful and successful perfume. Thank you (13/05/2023 - Lenka, Germany)
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