Louis Cardin Flower of Paradise

Louis Cardin Flower of Paradise Body Mist 175 ml

Louis Cardin Flower of Paradise

Body Mist 175 ml
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Body Mist Sample 1 ml
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Body Mist Flower Of Paradise opens with juicy citrus chords with deliciously sweet oranges and a slightly bitter hint of bergamot, into which several tones of green leaves and stems dissolve.

To these are added other fruity touches, namely gourmet strawberries with peaches, complemented by a gourmet line of coconut shavings, dissolving into the sparkling embrace of sensual musk.

The fragility of orange and jasmine flowers is enveloped in the shimmer of ice lilies of the valley, complemented by the velvety softness of roses. Herbal earthy patchouli, accompanied by a sovereign amber, whose warm trail ends the fragrant composition, looks into the floral embrace with only a hint.

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