Lattafa Pride Afaq

Lattafa Pride Afaq Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Lattafa Pride Afaq

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Afaq means in Arabic - world, universe, horizons - it is a richly exclusive concert of fragrant ingredients, hidden in a luxurious flacon depicting the composition of wood, on a golden foot, set in a black velvet bed, enclosed in a transparent dome - just look at this packaging , you will be tempted to explore the perfume that hides inside.

The opening fresh notes of crisp delicious pear, which is permeated with dazzling flowers, in which it vibrates with the noble beauty of tuberose and the tenderness of jasmine, reveal an intoxicating essence that embraces you.

A gourmandly gourmand scent, this is a trace of Cassie Liqueur made from spicy-carrying, blackcurrant, another of the deliciously sweet accords that flow to you from this uniquely composed fragrance.

Woods are gradually added, dominated by smooth milky sandalwood and a mixture of cashmeran, evoking a feeling of warmth and softness, with undertones of musk and fruit with a hint of radiant spice.

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This time I'll start backwards, i.e. from the bottle, which in its design resembles the bottle from Laura Biagotti's Sotto Voce perfume, which is no longer available. It was a soft fruity-floral fragrance with a warm base. Shouldn't it look like it?! I study the composition of Afaq and find common notes: jasmine, tuberose, pear, cashmere wood. (Just by the way, Laura Biagotti is called the "queen of cashmere"). So I guess I know where the creators of Lattafa found their inspiration. I'm happy for that, but it's good to note that Afaq is quite her own... Among other things, she pleased me with the balance of floral and fruity notes, in which, in addition to pear, wild strawberries (the added value of tuberose) and blackcurrant with leaves stand out. Jasmine and tuberose are echoed in the heart by lily of the valley and freesia. The entire composition is wrapped in a woody-milky veil with a subtle touch of sweet almonds. Refined and feminine... these are other advantages of this beauty. (12/12/2022 - Petra P.)
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