Lattafa Oud Mood

Lattafa Oud Mood Concentrated Perfume Oil 25 ml

Lattafa Oud Mood

Concentrated Perfume Oil 25 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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A seductive, gourmand-mysterious concert is resounded by the fruity note of juicy oranges and delicious raspberries, to which saffron floats in with its irritating, bittersweet dryness, which also leaves several undertones hidden in the skin.

The floral aria will be performed by a velvet rose together with a sweet geranium, which are interwoven with gourmand accords of sensually moving caramel, made special by spicy chili pepper. Gently swaying, cuddly chamomile plays with herbally caressing lavender, and together they introduce softly enticing woods onto the scene.

The woods are dominated by oud essential oil, whose burst is immediately rounded and its power is melted into a gently irritating, oriental trace. Herbal green patchouli blends with majestic cedar, sandalwood and earthy notes of oakmoss.

Sweetness and depth at the same time, this is a presentation of honeyed grandeur, presented by amber with the whipped suppleness of creamy vanilla and several notes of subtle grace hidden in a musky embrace, to conclude this demonically seductive fragrance.

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