Naseem Lamsa Cream

Naseem Lamsa Cream Cream

Naseem Lamsa Cream

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Belongs to: Light, Fruity, Musky, Powder fragrances

Floral, apricot peach plume now in a gentle caress of the silky perfume cream. Get a completely magical sense of the captivating sensuality of velvety softness that conjure up by applying cream to the neck, neck or arms.

The combination of white jasmine flowers and gentle violet gives an enchanting seductive subtlety. The delicate white rose in a unique combination with light peach and apricot tones is a tender chord developing its notes into a rare lemon grass orchid. There will also be a clear scent of peony with a light touch of green apple.

The end of the composition is in a fruity, mandarin orange hug embracing the soft vanilla and the tender sensuality of the musk.

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