Ajmal Lahadhaat

Ajmal Lahadhaat Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Ajmal Lahadhaat

Eau de Parfum 60 ml
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Ajmal Lahadhaat: The Mistletoe with a Skunk of Whiskers - Something reminded me of something very familiar. I did not come to it. And then. That it would be Carner? Not one specific perfume, more like something to them, their slow-flowing liveliest atmosphere. And a cream tone in Palo Santo and Tardes. Smetana is a wonderful thing in perfumes. It has the ability to return time and linger around the idyllic safe around the infant with a slurry that does not get the slightest touch of the outside world. Perfectly refined - But before the Lahadhaat gets so far, it takes a while. Freshly after the injection, J'Ose Eisenberg is a bold, where the sour lavender resists the sweet, shallow impressions of cake impressions. In Lahadhaat, lavender quickly passes into bergamot, but it is settled at the same wavelength. It is defiantly penetrating and used only in such an amount as to make the composition sweet, but only adds to it. From the outset, it is clear that this will be an extraordinary scent. At this stage, it rotated as if a wind swirl came, picked up bergamot and spice, sweet pepper and sweet cardamom, and mixed them in the air with a stitch on his face. When it is settled, the sweetness of the spice will be interesting. It was as if the swirl had taken the dust of crushed dried roses. The smell quenches and takes on its typical expression of two streams, which are mutually oblique and slowly move together without being merged. The thicker of them is wood, but somehow converted to dough almost cocoa, though not, rather than cocoa it is a dark, rich aroma of wood, roots and spices. There is a second flow around, a lot more subtle, but more expressive, it is the already mentioned delicious creamy cream-labdanum, which gives the scent a character. Outside remains the roses, very unusually used, so it does not show clearly. It is not only dried in spice, it is mysteriously appearing in wood and cream, not as a distinct flower, but by the fact that the wood is vaguely beautiful and creamed with pistachio. It's not a typical Arab - And for two reasons. You will notice the first. It is not the kind of scent that makes the heat of the Arab marketplace rich in impressions. Lahadhaat has a quieter and more European gourmet tuning. The second reason is the unusual use of the oud, which very much resembles Kurddjian's Oud Satin Mood remade into a captivatingly perfect waxy substance with pepper. Lahadhaat is definitely the fragrance that deserves attention. He has an excellent stamina and his mysterious attraction hangs in the air like a swimmer. (9.7.2017 - Dzona - Breakfast in perfumery)
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