Khadlaj Raniya

Khadlaj Raniya Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml

Khadlaj Raniya

Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil 0.5 ml Sample
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Crispy fresh, green apple swaying on the waves of slightly bitter grapefruit and bergamot - this is an aria of fruit, which is further amplified by the sweetly-mandarin orange with orange. This deliciously inviting introduction is complemented by a particularly spicy pink pepper with caraway seeds, which are successfully seconded by the notes of nutmeg.

The sweet mint is smoothed and warmed by the sweet geranium, to which a juicy apple wanders again, now completed with a herbal-sounding wormwood.

Another cold cloud is lavender with a lily, gently toying with an earthy wet vetiver, which is in contrast to the honey velvet ambergris.

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Raniya is initially juicy, then passes into herbs and finally into a soft, intoxicating smell. Beautiful beauty again. All these luxury oils in beautiful perfume bottles are gorgeous, although everyone smells different and sets out on their fragrance line. Especially stamina is huge. (October 7, 2017 - Zdena B.)
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