Khadlaj Musk Narcis

Khadlaj Musk Narcis Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Khadlaj Musk Narcis

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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The pure elegance of musk inebriation binds you with the first fragrance of the musk narcissus.

The gentle trace of musk chords will resonate the whole fragrant composition that blends with a fluffy fluff with tones of flowers.

To the musk seduction is added a round scent of daffodils with straw reflections, complemented by a fresh line of green tea. Another, one of the uniquely sounding tones, is the rare, sweetish lure root of the iris, which elevates the fragrance into supernaturally fragile spheres.

The air line of musk in the final parade, harmoniously with the notes of green earth, showing some of the soap keys presented in patchouli.

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The word narcissus is a bit of a mystery to me in this perfume. Its scent is not so much about the yellow beauty of spring front gardens as it is about greenery. The greenery is fresh here and has quite a sharpness, but it is definitely not aggressive or strange, as some green scents can. It is like freshly cut grass, in which lilies of the valley grew, supplemented by a barely noticeable whiff of needles. No mashed tomato leaves, damp clay or rusty fences - just sensual greenery you can't tear yourself away from. If you know Guerlain's legendary Vetiver (the one from 1959) or Eau de Campagne by Sisley, then you know what I'm talking about. After all, the founder of the Khadlaj company does not hide his sympathy for the French perfumery school, and his dream is to connect the Oriental and Western traditions of perfume production. He did perfectly here; the memory of the mentioned scent is shrouded in a veil of gently powdered iris and smooth musk. The Orient is reported in the form of fine spices and a hint of oud. All ingredients are balanced as on a pharmaceutical scale and the result is this green-powder gem. He got me so much that I made room for him on the shelf between the staples. (07/27/2020 - Petra P.)
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