Khadlaj Al Fursan

Khadlaj Al Fursan Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml

Khadlaj Al Fursan

Concentrated Perfume Oil 18 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil 0.5 ml Sample
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The introduction is a sweet-wound fruit, dominated by banana with strawberry mousse, but quickly replaced by flowers.

The queen of flowers arrives - the rose with its majesty and in its floral proximity permits a beautiful, jasmine caress, spreading out in vanilla echoes. Neroli, ylang - ylang are another of the white flowers that compete for your favor.

Warm sandalwood glimmeres from a distance, with a few tones of dry-sounding Oriental spices. The conclusion bears again on the waves of floral seduction.

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Hello, that's our turn ... and it will be for my wallet. So far I'm testing the samples ... and I know I will need it again .. Jasmine and ylang fragrances are leading me, not the hard ones, but with something, like fruit or vanilla ... and this is a shot, it's full of white flowers and tenderly supplemented with rich ripe fruit. I do not feel strawberries, but I would say that there are used cherries, maybe with tangerine, I definitely perceive the perfume development as a white veil blowing somewhere above the garden, where there are cherry trees and a tangerine grove. Thank you and look forward again, as a little girl. (9/20/17 - Jana P.)
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