Khadlaj Aaliya

Khadlaj Aaliya Concentrated Perfume Oil 27 ml

Khadlaj Aaliya

Concentrated Perfume Oil 27 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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The oriental concert will be played by a pleasantly flowing oud essential oil in a soft woody duo with cashmere wood, into which the honey velvet amber will resound its chords, which smooths the oud and highlights its sweet depths.

Flowers are added to the rare woods, whose tones are vibrated by majestic roses and smooth jasmine flowers, with a few touches of creamy vanilla in the background, whose delicious tones embrace moist grasses and mosses.

Oud once again shows his mystical scent, in the final performance of which sweetly swinging, overripe fruit with a fleeting echo of herbaceous earthy patchouli is heard.

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