Al Alwani Iftakarni Marrah

Al Alwani Iftakarni Marrah Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Al Alwani Iftakarni Marrah

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Warm velvety, smoothly seductive, this is Al Alwani's novelty designed for both men and women.

Oriental spices, headed with nutmeg and coriander, melt in a bed of sweet, soft honeycomb. Styrax comes with its powdery sweet scent, slightly complemented by the seductive floral tones. Touches of rare resins are interconnected with the mystical wave of incense.

Elegant refinement brings vanilla in harmony with precious trees, dominated by sweet oud oil, whose echoes together with velvety amber leave the magic.

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Iftakarni Marah - aka resinous symphony. When perfume testing, I immediately recall a clear and colorful idea of how the manufacturer produces this miracle. He placed a large handful of vanilla pods, freshly tanned leather leathers, a pinch of spice in the crystal bowl, and poured the finest whiskey to the brim. He allowed to macerate for several days, after which he passed through a canvas into a perfume decanter and somehow aerated and lightened with oxygen molecules. Simply put - at the beginning (3-5 seconds) I feel oud, then comes the majestic interplay of styrax (vanilla air tones) and labdana (leather tones), the final phase is carried in light honey clouds interwoven with propolis (propolis, from which alcohol pungency is taken) ). Oud stands here snuggling, absolutely without putrefaction or fertilization. It will certainly be addictive for resin lovers. (03/03/2015 -Martina M.)
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