Nabeel Flair

Nabeel Flair Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Nabeel Flair

Eau de Parfum 50 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Full of fragrant opulent flowers, lush citrus, intense shades of precious woods and resins, it is stored in a luxurious flacon decorated with patinated silver filigree motifs and blue stones.

The initial tones include the citrus wave, juicy tangerines, unique notes of roses and delicate orange flowers.

In the richness of rare trees we find a sweet, mysterious-sounding oud oil with cedar touches and soft ambergris.

The escalating elegance of aromatic tones adds olibanum in its spicy balsamic note. The conclusion of this luxurious fragrance is in the magic of dust vanilla in a duo with a captivating seductive oud oil.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Greetings and have a nice day in Anabis. :-) Lenka, thank you very much for your helpful behavior, luxury smell, incredibly fast order processing, beautiful red shirt ..... I love red :-) and the packed gifts. FLAIR - naáááááádhera! If I should compare it, Amouage reminds me of Fate. I will try other scents gradually and look forward to it. I wish you the best and good luck. Thanks and wishes only the BEST belongs to Jana. Best regards and wishes of beautiful days (10.11.2016 - Stáňa F.)
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Good evening Lenko and Jano, I would like to thank you first of all for the incredible helpfulness and speed of processing my order. Although this is the first time I buy from you, you made a really great first impression on me. You are interested in communicating with the customer and do not turn your back. Thank you! And thank you for the nice gifts :-) Flair made my mother a great joy, shines all the time and every time he smells, he is back in Dubai :-) I can not describe the smell very much, but each ingredient is released gradually and smells different in the morning and different evening. I wish you only the best and many happy customers. Yours sincerely, (02/08/2016 - Sylvie M.)
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