Rasasi Emotion Homme

Rasasi Emotion Homme Concentrated Perfume Oil 5 ml

Rasasi Emotion Homme

Concentrated Perfume Oil 5 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Bitterly fresh bergamot and softness abounding orange flowers, a fragrant concert of men's perfume will sound, its spicy fragrance will tempt even many women.

The cool floral aria will be presented by lavender, which is easily wound by the delicate beauty of violet flowers, accompanied by roses. The velvet queen just peeks out to hide behind an oriental spice dominated by cinnamon.

With warm chords, a musky cloud will sound the smoothing composition, along with vanilla toned, backed by the seductive grandeur of ambergris, warm-sounding sandalwood and spicy earthy patchouli.

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