Designer Shaik Chic Shaik No. 30

Designer Shaik Chic Shaik No. 30 Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Designer Shaik Chic Shaik No. 30

Eau de Parfum 60 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Chic Shaik is a beautiful perfume that offers enchantment from both individual tones and their interconnection to the composition of the resulting masterpiece, the ultimate perfume art.

The tempting combination of a silky, warm powdered ambergris with precious trees will start the opening serenade. With its fragrant grandeur, the intoxicating fruit of the passion fruit comes with a richly silky appearance of Moroccan roses and hypnotizing jasmine. It is an explosion of femininity, luxury and charm.

Let yourself be absorbed by the seductively irritating vanilla, whose excessive sweetness is bound by cardamom. The irritating touch of earthy patchouli merges in a unique harmony with a sweetly warm tonka.

The captivating sensuality and grandeur of the bitter sweet ambergris is also incorporated into the powdery floral finish of this elegant and refined fragrance.

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Customer Reviews (4)
So the ode to Chic Shaik for the third time :-) Until the holiday, I was still slightly in doubt about my common sense that I invested in such an expensive smell. Fortunately, the holiday showed that my mind was healthy and my intuition did not disappoint when buying, Chic Shaik rewarded me in Egypt with such a wonderful development that it suddenly became my top fragrance. Born in the hot desert, he showed me his unique captivating beauty, engulfing all senses with a hot raid of seductive femininity, marked by totally crippling magical floral harmony. He deeply vibrated the last cells in my body and awakened the soul's desire to dissolve with ecstasy in its endless, soft powder arms. Divine nectar gushing from the throat of a charismatic flacon kidnapped me by its intensity into the world of luxury and intoxication. Tender but sensual, strong but soft, gentle but expressive, simply unique. Necessary… Mrs. Lenko, Chic Shaik was unreal, a scent that would make me move to the Arabian Peninsula immediately. Now I can imagine how it was when you tried it in Dubai. It stops the heart and the breath of the beauty for a few strokes…. I haven't experienced that yet. (7/16/2014 - Andrea Ž.)
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God the Shaik is beautiful, I relished him as the sacrament of greatest. I noticed that the flasks were numbered, on the box, the bottle and the little book inside. That surprised me. And he came with a bag, just a supeeer. I tried Opulent again, but it still is not. Well, let's see what the Gold edition will be for me. (03/07/2014 - Andrea Ž.)
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A warm, initially slightly spicy wool that takes us into the velvety arms, immerses in fluffy layers of amber powder and pamperes us with a sweet floral intoxicating tone. A silk rose unfolds from its center, I almost feel the touch of her dewy petals on my face. The warmness of the green, slightly woody patchouli underlines the incredible beauty of floral harmony. The irresistible captivation is crowned by a vanilla cushion, in which I delightfully sway until the powder-flowered delicate end. Sensual, feminine, elegant fragrance, the smell of the queen, the smell that my heart is down to. (Feb 18, 2014 - Andrea W.)
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Designer Shaik has not only beautiful packaging, but also fragrances of top quality in the concentration of pure perfume! (January 2014 - Sylva F.)
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