Al Rehab Bakhour

Al Rehab Bakhour Concentrated Perfume Oil 3 ml

Al Rehab Bakhour

Concentrated Perfume Oil 3 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Belongs to: Intense, Floral fragrances

A pocket pack of oriental perfume, the big advantage of which is the small size (3 ml of pure perfume) so that it fits even in the smallest purse or pocket. In addition, perfume is very easy to apply using a ball in the bottle cap. So you can always have your favorite fragrance with you.

The intense aroma of roses and lilies of the valley with sandalwood in the background, with oriental spices to help, will literally bind you with its splendor. Take a stroll through this charmingly serenade flower garden with a mysterious and very gentle oud breath.

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Customer Reviews (6)
So Bakhour did not suit me completely, I think it is not for everyone. Such a recombined fragrance ...... (9/12/2019 - Iveta B.)
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Bakhour- really serenade ... ♥ I found two packs and I'm glad I already have some perfumes I have for summer and winter, but I wanted to enjoy this one ... in the morning I painted on my wrist and still smell ... really serenade composition with lily of the valley and the whole bouquet ... :-) thank you for these scents, ... thank you and wish you a nice evening (10.2.2017 - Jana C.)
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As if we let the genie out of the magic lamp, with the first gust of oil suddenly fall heavy heavy narcotic fog and completely impenetrable enveloping the senses. A moment of groping in a dense veil, and from the realm of shadows, flowers of dewy roses and frosted white flowers, especially jasmine, emerge. Sometimes a green leaf peeks out. Silence carries the whisper of wooden beads, the ethereal flower fairy emerges as a ghost. He smiles mysteriously, everything mysteriously disappears, and suddenly it is a beautiful spring day smelling jubilant freshness. The air blends deep, smooth tones of flowers with leaves and woody lines, and the interplay of vanilla fluffy like cotton candy creates an alluring chord of tender floral intoxication. The captivating Arabian, tied to French elegance with very good endurance, holds in the intimate sphere of its wearer. Yet it reaps beautiful compliments. Just such a refreshing Champs Elyssées in oriental garb (16.11.2013 - Andrea Ž.)
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Bakhour from Al Rehab - a wonderful fragrance and I must say that I was completely struck by how strongly it is on my skin with the Champs Elyssées. So I tried it together with CHE to see if the sense of smell fooled me and it was there, great. I look forward to combining them together in the spring. In addition, this morning in bed my husband snuggled up, sucked in and said I smell nice ;-) (15/11/2013 - Andrea Ž.)
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Bakhour - we often burn styrax at home, bakhour from Saudi Arabia, incense. Although already less, we have three cats, I try to save them noses. :) And so this oil bahkour does not remind me much. There is a rose in a form that does not fit me so much, ie green, fresh with a stem, sharp as a razor. The smell not, just the rose in it, reminds me of Lutens Sa majeste la Rose. (5/15/2013 - Simona J.)
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Delightful, sensual and perhaps even a bit ferocious gourmet. When chasing me, I rub with this gentle female beauty with rose, jasmine, chocolate and honey and I do not have to physically take anything in my mouth and therefore not take up and yet my taste buds are satisfied. I feel light and very comfortable. Bakhoor has a long stamina and is Arabic, which suits me the most. I need orient. (1/20/2013 Sylva F.)
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