Ajmal Baha

Ajmal Baha Concentrated Perfume Oil 14 ml

Ajmal Baha

Concentrated Perfume Oil 14 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Belongs to: Oud, Woody, Intense, Oud fragrances
Composition: Ambra, Leather, Oud, Rose, Saffron, Tobacco

Baha opens its fragrant composition with a large dose of saffron. Tones of mystical oud essential oils are added, softened by the floral heart that conceals the kingdom of roses.

Another deep echo adds a velvety bed of honey-ambergris with a dry wave of tobacco leaves and an animal note of leather.

The bewitching scent of rare resins and the touch of fine oils - this is a mysterious sounding serenade full of woody plants. Give this unique perfume a chance to show the splendor of the true oriental fragrance that is hidden in it and will gradually relax.

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