Atika White Oudh

Atika White Oudh Concentrated Perfume Oil 6 ml

Atika White Oudh

Concentrated Perfume Oil 6 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Belongs to: Oud, Woody, Light, Floral, Fresh fragrances
Composition: Jasmine, Oud, Musk, Rose, Precious woods

Light, floral-woody, but also oud-fresh - that's the scent of White Oudh.

The beginning is carried in a flower haze, which is accompanied by a subtle, woody soft hint of white oud essential oil, whose chords are fresh and full of airy tones, as if from a soft cloud floating in the morning over the forest, when you can smell green needles, leaves, mosses and at the same time a deeper tone of precious wood.

From the flowers, a rose accompanied by jasmine breathes a hungry velvet. The final touches belong to the clumsy musk, which is again in the embrace of white oud essential oil.

The perfume is closed with a small plug, which you take out the first time you use it and put on the enclosed roll-on applicator.

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