Al Rehab Anfas Al Ward

Al Rehab Anfas Al Ward Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Al Rehab Anfas Al Ward

Eau de Parfum 60 ml
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Belongs to: Intense, Light, Floral, Musky fragrances
Composition: Citrus, Jasmine, Lily, Musk, Rose, Ylang-ylang

Anfas Al Ward is the union of her Majesty, the Queen of Flowers - the rose and the purity of the musk. It is an alluring concert with major chords in roses.

The tenderly delicate petals of the Bulgarian rose will bind you with their fragility, which is tinged with a slightly fruity tone. A sensually elegant game with a silky intoxicating musk, creating an irresistibly seductive perfume, featuring a slightly fluffy cloud of white flowers with barely noticeable citrus echoes

Roses and musk - this is a blissfully irritating combination.

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Customer Reviews (3)
A gentle, delicate rose - it's a visit to a flower shop, a greenhouse - and dew on the petals, and the smell .... thank you for the wonderful smell. (01/03/2018 - Hana H.)
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Anfas Al Ward is an interesting pretty pretty fragrance, someone would say gorgeous, but I holt fragrance containing roses probably do not ... although over time, as I have it on my hands begins to be softer and cleaner, and the other woman who would she passed me, so she would probably pull my nose ... (6.5.2015 - Romana V.)
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ups - bud, still threadbare, hmmm, tenderly gentle, and tapping with musk ... well, hard to describe, but it's a soft feeling of caressing a pink rose on your face ... (10.4.2015 - Petra J.)
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