Anabis Mirach

Anabis Mirach Concentrated Perfume Oil 5 ml

Anabis Mirach

Concentrated Perfume Oil 5 ml
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The slightly swaying performance of the juicy pineapple reveals the magnificent greenery, whose transformations from a floral to an earthy base vibrate the colorful tufts of intense hyacinths. Another floral caress is in the tenderness of white-flowering jasmines, in harmony with the musky fluff.

The lightness and sensuality of musk pleasantly blends the powder dryness of alstroemeria with the echo of pink pepper in the background. The scent deepens and shows the majestic amber with its velvety honey bed, in which the light notes of the chypre smoky vetiver dissolve.

In earthy chords comes the conclusion, whose sweetly spicy dot, with its strangely mysterious woody tone, smells of patchouli with a creamy touch of softly tender vanilla.

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Mirach attracted me with a hyacinth and iris in composition; These flowers I can just, anytime, anywhere and at any time of year. Before they get the word out, tangerine and ripe pineapple smell of the composition ... my saliva started to run. An floral heart intervenes in this: the mentioned beauties of Czech gardens are seconded by an exotic jasmine and a bitter orange flower ... so far it's nirvana. However, later, when the scent begins to work its way to the base, I cease to perceive it as an intoxicating flower and it begins to appear to me as a purely men's fluffy. The creators put the honest charge of patchouli and vetiver on the ground, and their earthiness eventually directs the composition to the hearts of those who love these essences. I have a bit of a problem with patchouli, but it's a matter of my nose (and actually my skin), not this perfume. Mirach is very well assembled and has great endurance. I wanted to add that if the perfumers had a slightly lighter hand with the patchouli, then ... but none if they weren't. And most importantly ... with another base it would no longer be Mirach :-) (17.11.2021 - Petra P.)
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