Al Rehab Cobra

Al Rehab Cobra Concentrated Perfume Oil 6 ml

Al Rehab Cobra

Concentrated Perfume Oil 6 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample
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A pocket pack of oriental perfume, the big advantage of which is the small size (6 ml of perfume) so that it fits even the smallest handbag or pocket. In addition, perfume is very easy to apply using a ball in the bottle cap. So you can always have your favorite fragrance with you.

Intensely sweet scent with spicy tones will start with a very pleasant sandalwood and opulent narcotic gardenia. Add spice headed with cinnamon and cloves. A light vanilla pod glows gently to give a powdered touch to the perfume.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Cobra: very distinctive and sharp at first, but over time it develops into a delicate creamy aroma. I don't smell any flowers or fruit, really just a fragrant cream. Plus, it's an incredible holder. Who likes this type of scents, I recommend. (4/23/2015 - Renata Š.)
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Cobra - the onset is very animal and spicy, sandalwood literally balsamic. As the top notes disappear, an incredibly strange composition of fragile beauty begins to appear, with tender cream, white flowers and honest powder made from dried vanilla pod, and an irritating inaccessibility represented by caraway and cinnamon traces. The initial animal is tamed and turns into a domesticated velvety sweet pet. Very beautiful evening scent with incredible stamina. (08/03/2014 - Simona J.)
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