Al Haramain Night Dreams Silver

Al Haramain Night Dreams Silver Concentrated Perfume Oil 30 ml

Al Haramain Night Dreams Silver

Concentrated Perfume Oil 30 ml
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The entrance to the world of oriental fragrances could begin with this perfume, captivating as a cool breeze at dusk, carried on the scent of resin with a pinch of needles and specially given reflections of flowers like the twinkling of stars in the night sky.

A flood of woody notes led by pine and cedar, together with green notes of jasmine, will take you to an early evening party, where the slightly bitter aroma of moss, grasses and dried bark comes to the fore. To soften it, there is rose, coloring the perfume of rare woods, which play their welcome concert.

The hidden lily-of-the-valley shyly shows a few of its flowers together with the violet, but only very gently, so as not to disturb the whole composition, which is based on the subtle notes of a perfume suitable for any occasion and for those who prefer delicate and personal scents, soft as the onset of evening together with a darkness that lets you breathe out after the heat of the day and comes with a refreshing cooling and its special mysterious fragrance. A magical night with its secret will grant us here.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Night Dreams CPO - I thought about this for almost a year until I finally got it! Such a beautiful combination of conifers, wood, dry grass and delicate flowers is simply enchanting. It's like walking along an evening seashore, tall pines and cedars, beneath which lies a carpet of dry grass interspersed with delicate white flowers...all still warm from the all-day heat of the sun. The scent gets compliments, it's long-lasting and makes the day that much nicer. Thank you for bringing her back. (6/20/2015 - Katarína P.)
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Night Dreams CPO - this is an oriental bazaar in the early evening twilight. All the scents of the past day come together in a magical moment of fragrant early evening. You can smell flowers, woods, incense, spices, heat, passion... everything that makes up the inimitable atmosphere of the Arab world. All these fragrances are settled into a very pleasant and luxurious composition. The scent magic lasts all night and all day. (September 14, 2014 - Lenka M.)
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