Al Haramain Dareen Anaqa

Al Haramain Dareen Anaqa Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Al Haramain Dareen Anaqa

Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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The introduction belongs to royal roses, playing majestic chords into citrus, which attract their freshness of lemons, juicy oranges and slightly bitter aroma of bergamot.

The fragrant line shows another floral lure that includes tiny flowers, white-blooming jasmine with a sweetly sweet geranium, and a green chypre echoing meadow flowers.

The earthly-bearing oak moss with herbal-spiced patchouli slowly enters deeper harmony.

A slightly vanilla embrace brings tonka, which combines its gentle smoothness with a musky musky at the end.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Hello, beautiful smells, when I unpacked the package, I smelled :-) even the boxes to fill the space smelled :-) Dareen Anaqa - beautiful, and yes balanced, as the lady below writes. For me, it is a pure, sparkling scent, for spring, when it is not yet completely hot from the coming summer, I think it was created. She has the charm of a rare soap for me, the kind you hide among lace lingerie, she is gentle, but I felt her strength the next day and on the sweater for maybe a week :-) Thank you and I will look forward to more orders from you again. (03/05/2020 - Jana Z.)
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Dareen Anaqa, another beautiful fragrance, full of flowers and fruits, all well balanced, nothing heavy, is pleasant, just beautiful. (3/13/2020 - Marie Š.)
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