Al Fakhar Ameri Musk

Al Fakhar Ameri Musk Water Perfume 100 ml

Al Fakhar Ameri Musk

Water Perfume 100 ml
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Water Perfume Sample 1 ml
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Musky caresses in the company of exotic fruits open juicy nuances of pineapple, gooseberry, currant and dragon fruit, intermingling with a fleeting trace of saffron, with its leather note.

A chypre trace of earthy herbal patchouli with cool vetiver is added lightly to the fruit and musk cloud.

Water Perfume is an alcohol-free fragrance in the form of a spray. The oil dissolved in alcohol-free water leaves a delicate, fragrant layer on the skin. It is ideal not only for hot weather, when it perfumes your skin and provides it with hydration for a very long time. Shake well before application to combine ingredients. Apply Water Perfume to the skin or hair.

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