Ajmal Hayaam

Ajmal Hayaam Concentrated Perfume Oil 14 ml

Ajmal Hayaam

Concentrated Perfume Oil 14 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Hayaam presents us with an oriental perfume line, showing intense oud winding in conjunction with fresh fruit and touches of flowers.

Aromatic bewitching, woody bittersweet and mysteriously seductive is oud oil in conjunction with spicy blackcurrants. The fruit intoxication continues into the citrus seduction, which is followed by notes of rich purple plums.

The royal echoes of roses with icy drops of morning dew and a faintly tender musk dissolve its cool line into a velvety honey bed of soft ambergris. Her fragrant grandeur will be complemented by echo-essential oil echoes in softly sweet keys.

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