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Ajmal Essentials Ajmal Essentials Zenith 20 ml

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Ajmal Essentials Zenith 20 ml
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Ajmal Essentials Zenith 1 ml
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In this cartridge you will find three perfumes, each containing 20 ml.

Very fresh fragrance, the ginger and mint show up at the beginning to make room for a more subtle tone of sandalwood and freshly cut grass after a while. Citrus headed with lime and bitter grapefruit peel aroma are also added. The end is perched on a wave of cedar wood.

The smooth, delicate scent of sandalwood, cherry and orange blossoms puts you in your embrace, as does the soft scarf around your shoulders. After a while you will also feel raspberry nectar, a hint of jasmine will let in a little vanilla, which just flickers at the end of the scent of perfume.

Mysterious and seductive perfume at the beginning of a concert of musk, saffron and passion fruit. A very special scent of violet on raspberries with caramel undertones clears the way for a rare black orchid and amber.

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