Ajmal Aurum Deo

Ajmal Aurum Deo Deo Spray 200 ml

Ajmal Aurum Deo

Deo Spray 200 ml
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Aurum, or gold, is presented in a full gold flacon and offers us an exclusive, extraordinarily intoxicating yet gently flowing fragrance that speaks the language of luxury.

A smooth introduction gives us a silky, musky tone of musk, backed by fresh lemon, sweet-sounding raspberry and tender orange flowers.

You will get a completely intoxicating hug with the opulent gardenia and jasmine. Golden magic continues on the waves of precious amber with gourmet vanilla.

The depth with light touches of the Orient will be stretched out by a bed of velvety honey ambergris, which is permeated with heat reflecting the sweet notes of precious woods.

Perfume tells us a story full of sparkling, like a summer sky lit by the warm rays of the sun, which fall in golden reflections on you, as well as a shower of this sinfully fragrant perfume.

The fragrance is in perfume deodorant.

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