Ajmal Al Reda

Ajmal Al Reda Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml

Ajmal Al Reda

Concentrated Perfume Oil 20 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Luxurious perfume Al Reda shows an interestingly designed bottle of dense glass, which hides the mysterious scent of rare oud oil.

At the beginning her honey-colored reflections reveal a mesmerizing depth full of contrasts as much as oud can in her nuances and notes. Its fragrant lines range from deep deep, softly woody to an orientally sweet footprint that blends in intensity throughout the perfume.

The alchemy of irresistible chords of velvet-bearing roses with the coolness of fragile lilies of the valley attracts spicy wool to floral gillers. Spicy nutmeg connects fresh pepper with warm cloves and cinnamon.

The warm composition also shows the fragrant grandeur brought by ambergris, whose depths again resonate with oud oil.

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