Nabeel Active Woman

Nabeel Active Woman Eau de Parfum 80 ml

Nabeel Active Woman

Eau de Parfum 80 ml
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Eau de Parfum Sample 1 ml
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Active Woman - Platinum Collection fragrance is from Chris Adams, a member of the Nabeel perfume family.

The introduction is in the fresh smell of orange, juicy grapefruit and bergamot, to which fresh herbs are added. We continue to the gentle flowers of jasmine, accompanied by several tones of exotic fruit with pink rose petals.

Smoothing fruit intoxication is with warm-sounding sandalwood, velvety stroking tonka, which together with patchouli give the fragrance depth.

The gourmet caress will also show a delicious vanilla with sugar cane, and this whole seductive embrace is in a puffy cloud of white musk.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Hello Lenka, thank you for the quick order :-) Active Woman I did not attack as every package from you, but pooomaaalu turned from all sides. I haven't even seen such a package - a solid handbag with leather accessories - well ... not only interesting, but tasteful and unconventional. And the smell - tender and beautiful, I like citrus, I like when they are not only "sour and fresh" but when they are like fresh juice, juicy - here managed to smell juicy together with freshness, but somehow sweet, even when it is fresh, maybe I can even feel a sprig of mint or two, it's in an ice cup and then there are flowers with jasmine and roses in the description, maybe I can feel some smoothness - perhaps a hyacinth to illustrate the atmosphere of a flower bouquet, or maybe freesia underlining the right impression of the whole bouquet ... :-) And then there is the warmth of the woods and it really adds to the scent of musk with vanilla. It is a pleasure to shop in your shop, the smells are great and I like to give them as gifts. The family got used to it and when I bought my niece sweater for birthday - so sadly she told me that she was waiting for some wonderful Anabis fragrance ... so you see, you are an addictive assortment ... :-) Have a good day and wish you a nice day and with respect remains (8.11.2016 - Lenka C.)
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Active Woman - what just reminds me ??? I have often been taken aback by Arabs. According to the composition, I have always "pigeonholed" and was convinced that it fits me or vice versa ... This perfume is really a big surprise for me! I was expecting a not very distinct Chloe style honeymoon. The admirers of these scents will pardon me, just do not smell. But Active Woman is so strange ... I can't peel my nose off my wrist and the brain threads are boiling ... what just reminds me so much ...? Citrus is smelled distinctly, but not sharply, echo tonka, I love it in all scents. Some flowers, I have no idea what, I feel them only gently, as if they flicker lightly somewhere in the background and the vanilla and musk are beautifully fluffy, fluffy and smooth the already pleasant tones of citrus juice. I do not know if I have to have it, but I can not get it out of my head ... (8.11.2016 - Lenka S.)
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