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Latest Customer Reviews

Royal Musk
Dear, it is not as musk musk. I tried several musk perfume but Roayl Musk Surrati since none of them can match. It is purity itself. The big advantage is that musk can "cover" other scents. This gives you another dimension kind of smell. I frequently scent Sabaya. I am very happy with the scents of Accession with Mrs. Lenka. I recommend wherever I go. I wish you many satisfied clients and customers. (March 26, 2017 - Gabriela V)
Supremacy Purple
Hello, so it's time to test other fragrances, and this time it is the turn SUPREMACY PURPLE. And here again I dissolve and wonder where I get the scent? PINK for me while still No.1, but also PURPLE I crave in my magical collection. The aroma is more oriental, but it's fine, I feel the flowers, the most violet, after a while, something green, then vanilla. Oh, it's something wonderful. Compared PINK fragrance changes and surprises ... beauty, beauty ... thank (March 25, 2017 - Lenka G.)
Velvet Musk
Velvet Musk so it is an absolute bomb, I only have a formula, but even so, I order the same size package ... violet straight line and envelops her mysterious musk enveloped in aquatic tones and feel some dřevíčko and it all blends into one whole Náááádherný, no Boy, I at night she could not sleep, her husband also like, even took my hand under his head and smiling ... :-))), which is good ... what is wrong, however, is that I discovered your site because they still do not have ready-made windows ... :-)) well, perhaps it will come out sometime ... :-)) I thank Jameel for perfume bottles that you sent me more, thanks, girls ... :) I nadvýsost happy, Perfume Bottles had not buy anywhere else ... :) (March 22, 2017 - John C.)
Soft CPO 6 ml
Soft CPO is scented with lemons, oranges then suddenly I feel and it all blends nicely into my chocolate and vanilla smells and smells, it's a divine fragrance that is lehoulinká a breeze and sensual at the same time ... I feel for changing chocolates, yummy, it I can ... :-)) (March 22, 2017 - John C.)
Supremacy Pink
So this pit just gotta have, and I can not imagine living without her. Just'll wear a backpack on my back, I could smell you carry around. John wishes the whole team happy days. (March 19, 2017 - John W.)
Royal Musk
Royal Musk me that is indescribable beauty and love after the first sniffing! I chose a formula based on reviews and smell far exceeded my expectations! I wanted to order a perfume until next month, but I became at that smell so dependent that it must have the right at any price :-) Once upon a time I used Moschus, who had produced and I never found a better scent - until now ... I must say that Royal Musk overcame him ... I can not even describe what it feels, I do not remind me that smell anything, I know. Mooockrát thank you for it !!! Have a nice day! (March 18, 2017 - Zaneta B.)

General Reviews

Dear Madam, With this I would like to inform you that the item ordered reached my office today. I am looking foward to dealing with you in future. Thank you very much. Regards (15.3.2017 - Idrus, Malaysia)
I have received my order. I am impressed about the speed my order was delivered with absolutely no problems. Well done (25.1.2017 - Ernest, Switzerland)
Received my order. Thank You so much. I really appreciate how accommodating you have been!!! (23.11.2016 - Andrew USA)
Hello, Just to let you know that the fragrances arrived at my home in Melbourne Australia this morning. Thank you for the care taken in packaging. Thank you also for the gifts and samples and personal note. Much Appreciated! Kind regards, (23.8.2016 - Graeme, Australia)
This will be my first order of any full size cologne - Shadow for men - from Anabis. If it matches the exact scent of the sample I received, I will be highly pleased. I have been very pleased with the samples that I ordered. I like several of them and I hope to order them in the future. I also liked - Extract Vetiver, In2ition Silver, and Supremacy Silver. I appreciate being able to buy these perfumes and getting the high quality. If this purchase is the same as what I have received in my sample, I am looking forward to buying all of these products. thank you. (12.5.2016 - Bobby USA)
I do Really love Doing business with you. I do not know when I will make my Next order but of course I will. Your Customer Service Is the top.Plus your Products & Shipping are the Best. Best Regards, (30.4.2016 - Mohamed USA)