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Latest Customer Reviews

Hello Mrs. Jano and Lenko. On the weekend my friend brought me the ordered perfumes Jameel and Taj al Arab. Oleječek Jameel is beautiful. It's the scent I've been looking for and found right with you. The stamina is great. I feel it all day. If I think I could feed him, the breeze blows and Jameel signs up again. (May 19, 2017 - Marie J.)
Taj Al Arab
Taj al Arab is also a beautiful scent. Kind and pleasant. Full of fruit, chocolate, almonds and caramel. And when I combine it with the Soft Butter, something so beautiful that I find myself in the perfume sky. I love your aroma and I have removed other European perfumes because I think it is a weak lead. And for your professional and loving approach, speed of delivery and great communication. You always find the time and advice. This is not the case anywhere. I am and still will be your loyal customer. I wish you beautiful fragrant days and many satisfied customers. (May 19, 2017 - Marie J.)
Royal Musk
Hello, today I came to the scent of ROYAL MUSK I ordered it only on the basis of reviews, so I was less worried about sitting there. But I have to say that it is absolutely breathtaking !!!! I never found something so pleasant in the store! Thank you very much for the presents and the personal message - which is not visible anymore !!! I wish you many nice and fragrant days. (May 16, 2017 - Daniela K.)
Yesterday I bought my favorite flower for a joy - a snow-white hyacinth, and I remembered the perfume pattern in the drawer. I put the oil on my hand and straightened with the fragrance of the flower and it was clear that I had to have the perfume. :) It looks like hyacinth in full bloom with tuber, damp earth and soap shavings. Maliha is a spring or summer clean scent with a hint of spicy boldness that develops into a soft mousse on the skin. (May 11, 2017 - Anna F.)
Sumu - So this is the biggest cake, of all the patterns we've got! I will not sleep as long as I do not have this perfume at home! Although it is in a different price range than I'm used to. I do not know how to describe it - the fruit in the summer rain ...? Well, just the best :-) I already wrote that I adore Leyl and Royal Musk, they will be second. I hope he will wait for me next time :-) (10.5.2017 - Žaneta B.)
Choco Musk CPO 6 ml
Choco Musk - I was looking forward to the trdelniky and I felt the milk chocolate instead :-) But still it is a beautiful, delicate, sweet smell. No how our chocolate smell ... you can not even feel from afar! : -) (5.10.2017 - Žaneta B.)

General Reviews

Dear Madam, With this I would like to inform you that the item ordered reached my office today. I am looking foward to dealing with you in future. Thank you very much. Regards (15.3.2017 - Idrus, Malaysia)
I have received my order. I am impressed about the speed my order was delivered with absolutely no problems. Well done (25.1.2017 - Ernest, Switzerland)
Received my order. Thank You so much. I really appreciate how accommodating you have been!!! (23.11.2016 - Andrew USA)
Hello, Just to let you know that the fragrances arrived at my home in Melbourne Australia this morning. Thank you for the care taken in packaging. Thank you also for the gifts and samples and personal note. Much Appreciated! Kind regards, (23.8.2016 - Graeme, Australia)
This will be my first order of any full size cologne - Shadow for men - from Anabis. If it matches the exact scent of the sample I received, I will be highly pleased. I have been very pleased with the samples that I ordered. I like several of them and I hope to order them in the future. I also liked - Extract Vetiver, In2ition Silver, and Supremacy Silver. I appreciate being able to buy these perfumes and getting the high quality. If this purchase is the same as what I have received in my sample, I am looking forward to buying all of these products. thank you. (12.5.2016 - Bobby USA)
I do Really love Doing business with you. I do not know when I will make my Next order but of course I will. Your Customer Service Is the top.Plus your Products & Shipping are the Best. Best Regards, (30.4.2016 - Mohamed USA)