Yankee Candle Coconut Splash

Yankee Candle Coconut Splash Wax for Electric Wax Melter 61 g

Yankee Candle Coconut Splash

Wax for Electric Wax Melter 61 g
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Fragrance: Coconut Splash

Coconut refreshment
A refreshing and pure aroma of coconut and other exotic fruits with a touch of natural tropical sweetness. Top: watermelon, coconut water, mango. Heart: coconut, coconut milk. Basis: vanilla and sandalwood.

Design: Scented wax for electric aroma lamp 61 g

  • Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Wax Cup.
  • It quickly dissolves and scents the whole apartment.

Burning and scent time: up to 24 hours
Dimensions: diameter 7.9 cm, height 2.8 cm
Weight: 61 g


  • Dissolves exclusively in the aroma lamp Scenterpiece, which plugs into the el. plugs.
  • The aroma can be changed by simply removing the cup from the aroma lamp without having to wait for the wax to solidify.
  • The cup can be used more than once.
  • Never leave the melting wax unattended near lightly flammable objects or within reach of children or pets.

About Yankee Candle

  • Yankee Candle is the world's best known manufacturer of scented candles and indoor scents.
  • Yankee Candle smells as pleasant as the real flowers, fruits, spices, place or experience they were inspired to.
  • Yankee Candle - these are the most varied authentic fragrances that will not disappear even with time and will scent your interior for a long time until the last flash of the flame.
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