Syed Junaid Alam Reham

Syed Junaid Alam Reham Concentrated Perfume Oil 60 ml

Syed Junaid Alam Reham

Concentrated Perfume Oil 60 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Hello women with Anabis yesterday I received a shipment which made me very happy I ordered without a sample but I do not regret perfume oil SYED JUAID AL REHAM it is a complete gem beautiful bottle fragrance luxury delicate female variation vanilla belongs to you a big thank you for a professional approach nice communication you are simply amazing wishes good luck to you, good luck (12.08.2020 - Erika M.)
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Yesterday I tried the SYED JUNAID ALAM REHAM formula and my heart beat a lot because it's something extra. It is a small miracle for lovers of the scent of extra sandalwood. I already know what I would like for an anniversary. A wonderful delicate, fragrant scent in which vanilla plays a big role will last an incredibly long time. The fact that I tried the formula yesterday around noon, the smell holds after the evening shower and after sleep, and it's here again at noon and I can still feel it. I finally found my life top fragrance, which I have been looking for for many years :-). Just waw. (04/28/2020 - Jitka Ž.)
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Looking at the bottle of Alam Reham hiding myself, the creators of this fragrance were very confident. Selling perfume in a two-and-a-half-crystal box that is a gem of itself, and in quantities that can withstand eternity when applied sensibly… it takes a lot of confidence and the belief that spending more money pays off in this case. At the same time to make a high quality and interesting vanilla perfume, which offers its owner more than just the smell of Christmas cookies or ice cream, it is a treat. As the description states, Alam Reham is indeed a variation on the theme of vanilla in several forms. I sensed vanilla cream with caramel crust, fresh vanilla pod and vanilla sugar (cane, with real vanilla). Cocoa powder (no Granko, but traditional Dutch cocoa), honey whiskey and ripe apricot subtly complement the sweet wool, which we crushed the stone to extract a core with a bitter almond flavor. The quality of the ingredients is obvious. The fragrance has medium endurance, as it is with purely natural ingredients. The whole conjure up a smile on your lips and a feeling of absolute peace and quiet. If the "sun in the soul" has a liquid form, it is called Alam Reham. (09/09/2019 - Petra P.)
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