Surrati Royal Musk

Surrati Royal Musk Eau de Cologne 250 ml

Surrati Royal Musk

Eau de Cologne 250 ml
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Eau de Cologne Sample 1 ml
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Belongs to: Light, Musky, Powder, Fresh fragrances
Composition: Musk

A very popular fragrance is now ready for you in the lightweight version of EdC - Cologne, which with its large package - 250 ml, directly invites you to take a "Royal Musk shower".

Seductive, even irritatingly erotic - this is the smell of softness and sensuality, which brings musk.

The perfume shines with heat, while showing icy freshness ... it's the heat of the night and the coldness of morning dew.

Transparent white luxury, an exclusive touch of presumptuous seduction - an intensity that binds you and lets you go.

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