Ajmal Shadow II Pour Femme

Ajmal Shadow II Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 75 ml

Ajmal Shadow II Pour Femme

Eau de Parfum 75 ml
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Tender, oriental flower bud that caress is Shadow for Her.

Introductory, woody tones of pink wood connect floral chords with a delicious trace of fruit and show sensuality with the first drops of perfume.

A fluffy puff of lavender with citrus nectarine will take us into a gentle dream to embrace more floral tones in their embrace.

The delicate, white orchid flowers with their deliciously sweet scent combine playful seduction with a soap-like patchouli that twists its notes into earthy woods.

The interplay of the whole perfume is complemented by a warm soft, velvety white ambergris that will show us a powdery tone that will complement the sparkling purity of white musk.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Another discovery of mine is Shadow for her by Ajmal. This fragrance is floral and feminine (I wouldn't look for a fragrance in this category for myself), but it's definitely not a dozen that you don't know about in a few moments. It has a floral delicacy and tenderness, but at the same time it has a sparkle. The ideal woman for me :) (21.10.2022 - Monika P.)
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So this fragrance has completely got a caress for the body and soul of the original perfume and also a gorgeous gift for receptive women. The sweetness is very delicate and the floral scent does not burden and together they form a balanced light summer pleasure somewhere in the early evening with candles and quality wine. (05/21/2020 - Andrea S.)
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Hello, so we started spring and warm days with it, and I reach for Ajmal Shadow again, and I find myself dangerously approaching the bottom of the bottle. And this is a terrible blow to me, since this fragrance completely charges me, it is beautiful, tender, holder, and I find that it is not. And therefore I wonder if it will still be ??? I hope YES because I order immediately. And I also have a taste for other news, because I am really addicted to your fragrances :-) Have a nice sunny days, have a good time and health (4/12/2018 - Katka M.)
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The elegant scent of rosewood with delicate white orchid flowers, a pinch of sparkling patchouli, a whiff of powdered musk and a soft ambergris gives the quality of the ingredients. Modern non-Arabian Arab. Beautiful and noble ... (21/12/2012 - Renée H.)
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