Naseem Maysoon

Naseem Maysoon Concentrated Perfume Oil 22 ml

Naseem Maysoon

Concentrated Perfume Oil 22 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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An icy lily of the valley spreads its frosted flowers into a velvet rose embracing jasmine, to which its delicious juiciness is added by a ripe sweet tangerine.

Citrus bergamot complements the fruit lure with a bit of bitter spicy, to which gourmet pineapple flows with a few touches of spicy, lemon grass.

The combination of fruit and floral composition creates a very pleasant line, whose individual chords blend in a special cold and purity, with undertones of soapiness, moving to the elegant tone of majestic roses.

Fluffy lightness, sensual tenderness and a fading embrace - it is a musk with a slightly sweet mimosa whose tones end the scent.

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