Naseem Khalsat

Naseem Khalsat Concentrated Perfume Oil 17 ml

Naseem Khalsat

Concentrated Perfume Oil 17 ml
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Concentrated Perfume Oil Sample 0.5 ml
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Belongs to: Intense, Fruity, Fresh fragrances

The fragrance with great pomp opens a sparkling dose of fruit tones - spicy gooseberries and blackcurrants, accompanied by exotic pineapples and lychees, which, combined with fresh mint and vanilla pods, create the perfect scent of a sinfully delicious cocktail.

Somewhere from a distance, a softly fluffy cloud of floral tones appears, dissolving its chords into the delicate wad of fluffy musk sensuality.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Naseem Khalsat - another wonderful summer fragrance, black currant, pineapple, vanilla, a pinch of mint with a touch of flowers, swaying on a cloud of musk.
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NASEEM KHALSAT - reminded me strongly of Taj Al Aroosah at the beginning, but it has more sweetness and, in return, it lacks the heat that makes Taj Al Aroosah unique. The second thought after sucking the Khalsat fragrance was for years. I wish winter would have swung! The first chords of this beauty include blackcurrant, juicy pineapple, and although not included, ripe red raspberries ... I can't help it ... It's a dense, sweet syrup that sensuality adds a puff of musk and vanilla. And because it is the right summer beauty, it is decorated with a sprig of fresh mint. Real summer delicacy! (2/8/2018 - Lenka S.)
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